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fea ceramics high gloss floor tiles

High Gloss Super White Tiles – 12×24, 24×24

This is a pure white wall & floor that instantly brightens any space ( Like Bathroom, Kitchen, Hospital, etc). A rolled bevel edge creates definition without being overbearing. PRODUCT DETAIL :  300x600mm High Gloss Wall Tiles 600x600mm High Gloss Floor Tiles With a polished/ high gloss finish, this white Super White Porcelain Tile is 12…


New Collection 300x600mm Mirror Polished Wall & Floor Tiles in india

This Grey marble effect Mirror Polished Wall & Floor Tiles offers the beauty of Indian Grey marble in a durable and hard wearing, low maintenance Mirror Polished Wall & Floor / porcelain tile. The Polished Grey finish is interspersed with grey veining giving an authentic marble effect, ideal for both classical and modern bathroom designs.…


Tiles Catalogues

300MM X 600MM Elevation Wall Tiles Catalogue 300×600 Polished Wall Tiles Catalogue 600×600 Matt Wood Rustic Floor Tiles Catalogue 300×600 Lapato Wall Tiles Catalogue


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Tiles Manufacture In India

The FEA CERAMICS – ( The – Group Of FACE ) leading company in exporting and manufacturing Wall Tiles, Vitrified tiles and Sanitary ware products. An entity founded less than a decade ago, has flourished it’s way to rapid success, crowned to be India’s largest manufacturers in the ceramics industry, FEA ceramics best manufacture and…


glazed porcelain tiles

Why Ceramic Tiles Are A Great Option for Your Floors and Walls,

Ceramic tiles are one time investment. It is very easy to clean and low maintenance required.  Ceramic tiles are one of the most favoured flooring options used in homes and offices around the world. Ceramic tile is also a popular choice for floors and walls. Used in just about every room in a home, ceramic tile…


Best Tiles Manufacture In India

Fea Ceramics. brings the exceptional range of Solitaire Plus that will give the high-traffic spaces a unique dimension for years to come. Solitaire Plus offers an attractive array of huge sized designer floor slabs that add immense glamour and endurance to your spaces and pride to you. #fea Ceramics #SolitairePlus #Design #Decor#BeautifulHomes#FeaHomes#PolishedVitrifiedTiles   WOODEN COLLECTION PORCELAIN TILES 3D BATHROOM…