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Why choose FEA Ceramics Elevation Tiles?

Elevation Wall Tiles Elevation tiles design are one of the most natural and modern tiles that proves to be a great option and a unique choice. Elevation tiles design is created with the sense of grandeur and they really offer zenith designs. Elevation tiles also known as rustic tiles are substitute to natural stone. We offer…


3D wall tiles

Wall Tiles Best Collection In India

FEA CERAMICS  brings to you a wide range of designer and patterned wall tiles. Wall tiles make your homes, bathroom, kitchen look like trendy. These also serve as a good alternative to your home, fea have a digital inkjet wall tiles best collection. You can create your home with truly beautiful. wall tiles best collection available in fea…


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Black Porcelain Tiles Collection

Fea ceramics producing high gloss polished black pearl porcelain floor tiles. As you can see many marble in black collection porcelain tiles are no longer the flooring choice of the past. There are so many wonderful designs black color floor tiles available today and plenty of new ways to incorporate them into a home, whilst…


bigger format slab tiles manufacture in inida

Slab Tiles Global Network in United State – By Fea Ceramics

Fea Ceramics Export Slab Porcelain tiles United State. we supply our product in, Slab Porcelain tiles in Miami, Slab Porcelain Tiles in New York,  Slab Porcelain Tiles in Las Vegas,  Slab Porcelain Tiles in Los Angeles,  Slab Porcelain Tiles in Sun Francisco,  Slab Porcelain Tiles in Dallas, Slab Porcelain Tiles in Chicago,  Slab Porcelain Tiles in…


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Marble Slab Tiles – By Fea Ceramics

Fea ceramics producing large format marble slab tiles manufacture in india, Inspired by the finest marbles around the world, our Marble Slabs collection allows you to accomplish the look and feel of marble. Create stunning, awe inspiring floors, wall, kitchen top, bathroom floor, , or get creative and use for accent walls or even countertops, the possibilities…


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Large Format Slab Tiles Manufacture in Morbi, Gujarat, India

Porcelain slab and tiles available in 120″ x 240″ in 6mm and 9mm thickness. Durable for kitchen countertops, walls, floors, fireplaces, feature walls. fea ceramics produce bigger format slab tiles in india. this slab porcelain tiles workable in bigger kitchen, bathroom, table top etc place using.    


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What are tile faces in ceramics and porcelain tiles?

The number of faces refers to how many different patterns are random printed on the tiles. Tile faces can vary from just 1 on basic tiles model getting 3 to 4 faces in premium ranges. A tile with 3+ faces will look extremely realistic when laid, as it is less likely to see two tiles that…


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Bigger Tile Bigger Challenges Working With Large Format Vitrified Floor Tile by FEA CERAMICS

Large format can mean different things depending on who you ask. However, these days most people use 60×60 as a starting point. For the purpose of this blog, we’re going to define large format as anything with one dimension that’s 60×120, 75×150, 80×160, 90×180, 120×240 all slab bigger porcelain floor tiles. Large format Porcelain vitrified…