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What are tile faces in ceramics and porcelain tiles?

The number of faces refers to how many different patterns are random printed on the tiles. Tile faces can vary from just 1 on basic tiles model getting 3 to 4 faces in premium ranges. A tile with 3+ faces will look extremely realistic when laid, as it is less likely to see two tiles that…


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Bigger Tile Bigger Challenges Working With Large Format Vitrified Floor Tile by FEA CERAMICS

Large format can mean different things depending on who you ask. However, these days most people use 60×60 as a starting point. For the purpose of this blog, we’re going to define large format as anything with one dimension that’s 60×120, 75×150, 80×160, 90×180, 120×240 all slab bigger porcelain floor tiles. Large format Porcelain vitrified…


Decorate Your Wall With FEA CERAMICS

The world of ceramic wall tiles is huge and limitless. Amidst the thousands of wall & Floor tiles designs available, it might get overwhelming to pick which one you’d like to see on the walls of your home. Fea Ceramics brings to you various wall tiles designs that cater to every visual aspect – right…


How to embrace unexpected surfaces with 3D wall tiles

Why use 3D tiles? The advance and development in ceramic and porcelain technology has bought tiles into a whole new level. Futuristic architectural 3D tiles that create shadow, light and texture are in vogue right now, with many designers and architects embracing unexpected surfaces in restaurants and hotels, particularly mosaic tiles in Brisbane. It’s a dynamic way to ignite the…


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Cemento Collection Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles

FEA CERAMICS INDIA  introduced a new cement-inspired collection of glazed porcelain tile, Base. This series is an ode to the industrial spirit in a modern environment as its design emphasizes great technical functionality with a contemporary presentation. The structured surface of Base complements its soft cement finish in order to create a continuity in interior…


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Modern Look And Feel

Tiles have gotten larger and larger over the years, and interior design trends have taken advantage of their aesthetic possibilities, making the ceramic slab porcelain tiles a staple of modern architecture. The wider, glossier interiors afforded by large format wall and floor tiling create a very contemporary look that will stay trendy and classy for…


Alaska White, Floor Tiles, Slabs, Porcelain Tiles

Create a light and airy canvas ready to be augmented with your very own interior style with Alaska white porcelain tiles / vitrified floor tiles, a large format glazed white porcelain tile perfect for instilling a neutral aesthetic in any setting. Alaska white super white polished porcelain tiles for wall, floor tiles,