Marble Tiles, the epitome of luxury deserves special care. Keeping your marble tiles clean will extend its life and beauty. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be a situation where there’s a spill or dirt gets tracked in. So, now you’re wondering, how do you take care of your marble tile the correct way? Just follow these simple steps to clean and maintain your marble keep its natural elegance.

Clean Spills Immediately

Since marble is so porous, it quickly takes in and holds spilled liquids. So, the faster you act, the easier it will be to save you floor from damage.

Dust Mop

Rather than using a regular broom to sweep up any debris, use a dust mop on your marble tile floors. The mop should have a soft and fluffy head that traps the dust. This method prevents debris from grinding into the stone while you work. Make sure you mop weekly as needed in between because if you let the dirt build up on your floors, immediate scratches can occur and become noticeable overtime.

Vacuum with Care

As mentioned before, using a dust mop to clean marble floors is the safest way to remove dirt and debris. However, if you want to vacuum, make sure the wheels are intact and there are no rough edges to scratch the floor. Also, make sure you don’t use any metal attachments.

Select a pH Natural Soap

When it comes to we mopping marble tile or cleaning shower surround, make sure you use a mild soap that’s pH neutral. This is because acidic substances can corrode marble, so it’s important to avoid harsh cleaners or anything that’s acidic, like cleaners that have lemon or vinegar.

Soft Cloth

Don’t use a scrubby sponge to clean your marble surfaces. Instead, use a gentle, soft cloth. This way, you won’t be scratching the marble.

Wipe Standing Water and Spills

When wet mopping marble tile, make sure you wring out the mop enough so there isn’t too much excess water sitting on your floor. Also, once you finish mopping, wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth to help them dry so there are no water spots that appear. Also, if any spills happen, make sure you wipe them up immediately so they don’t stain and ruin the marble.


Since natural stones come with pores and cavities, that can be penetrated by that extra water and any spills are not sealed. So, to protect the marble’s surface, you should have it sealed annually.

So, as long as you keep up with these simple cleaning and maintenance steps, your marble will last a very long time looking fresh and new!